Will you step up and be an advocate for public charter schools?

We cannot allow our students' voices to be lost in the crowd.

A new federal education funding bill threatens to cut off ALL federal funding for charter schools. While all schools—district and charter—contract with businesses to provide supplies and services to their students, this new bill singles out charter schools and punishes them for that practice. If passed, charter school leaders would be forced to choose between accessing the federal funds their students are entitled to or working with businesses to provide the supplies and services their students need.

Give Your Support. Our work doesn't stop at our classrooms. Our work is to take the classroom to Congress.

The Charter Schools PAC is raising money for key supporters of the charter school movement. Throughout the pandemic, demand for charter schools has grown more than ever before. At the same time, Congress proposed a 40% increase in funding for education overall, but CUT funding for the Charter Schools Program by $40 million. This is a clear message to the charter school community and, most importantly, a major setback for the 5 million students who would attend a charter school if space were available. To meet these challenges and protect as well as grow the CSP, we need your support.

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